Finding useful educational websites can be challenging. Here we have provided you with some of the most useful educational websites the internet has to offer. Please take the time to browse through our collection. If you plan on showing your students any of these websites, then make sure you preview them first. If you think any websites should be added you can email us in the 'Contact Us' section. 

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Interactive Games

Worksheets & Printable Resources

Teaching Ideas

  • Literacy Shed - looking for themes, lesson plans and teaching ideas in the primary school years (lower, middle & upper)? Then checkout literacy shed for their extensive range of ideas.

Online Text Creation

  • Storybird - a website that allows students to create their own stories.

  • The Most Dangerous Writing App - don't stop writing or else all progress will be lost. Great website to see how well your students can write under pressure.

Referencing Generators 

  • Harvard Generator - Harvard Generator is a free tool that allows you format references using the correct Harvard referencing format.

  • NeilsToolBox - another website that allows you to format references using the correct Harvard referencing format.


  • Spark Notes - over 500 studying guides for a wide range of narratives. Highly recommended for High School students.

  • Lit Charts - one of Spark Notes main competitors. 945 studying guides for a wide range of narratives.

  • Schmoop - hundreds of studying guides backed up by their own videos.

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Interactive Games & Websites

  • DesMos Graphing Calculator - I wish I had this in High School! With DesMos you can enter in a variety of linear & quadratic equations. Also contain hundreds of other graphing examples.

  • - contains HUNDREDS of interactive Maths games across all Maths strands (Number, Algebra, Measurement & Geometry and Statistics) for a variety of age groups (3-5, 5-7, 7-11 & 11-14 years old).

  • - a website that allows you to generate a random number after selecting a minimum and maximum number.

  • Math Playground - a website that contains a large variety of interactive games which is organised by topic and by grade level. It's got a very basic setup but don't let appearances fool you. My favourite is the estimating angles game!

  • AreaBuilder - a fantastic interactive website that allows your students to create a variety of 2D rectangular shapes that shows the area and perimeter of them. Highly recommended for when introducing the topic of perimeter and area.

  • MathsChase - a customisable flash game made for mastering your times tables.

  • Alcula - an incredibly useful tool for creating box and whisker plots.

Worksheets & Printable Resources

  • Math Aids - a comprehensive library of customisable mathematical worksheets.

  • Math Drills - a great collection of worksheets across a wide range of topics.

  • Math A Tube - another collection of mathematical worksheets.

  • Worksheet Works - free worksheets and BLM for Maths, English & Geography.

  • Paper Models of Polyhedra - THE website for 3D nets.

  • Battleships - a useful worksheet for playing battleships and consolidating a student's knowledge of a cartesian plane.


  • Math Antics - a great website with hundreds of videos explaining mathematic concepts. Math Antics requires a paid subscription fee.

  • Math is Fun - unsure about a mathematical concept? Then use this website.

  • The First 10,000 Primes - a list of the first 10,000 prime numbers. Great for displaying in the classroom.

  • Find Your Pi Day! - type in your birthday in any format and discover your Pi Day.



  • SciTech - the BEST investigation planning template for: kindy, early childhood, middle childhood and early adolescence science investigations. You can literally meet every single science inquiry skills with these templates!

Interactive Websites




Interactive Websites

  • Lizard Point Geography Quizzes - this interactive website contains hundreds of geography quizzes e.g. European countries, Asian countries, Australian states/territories and Australian capital cities.

  • Google Maps SMARTY PINS - see how accurately you can find locations on a map based from a series of trivia questions. Great for early finishers!

  • GoogleMaps GEOGUESSR - guess the correct location from a picture taken by the Google street car. Find out if that picture is from Spain, Australia or Chile?

  • Compare Area - looking for an interactive resource to compare the relative sizes of countries? Then look no further with Compare Area.

Australian History

Statistics & Information

Worksheets & Printable Resources

Culture & Religion

  • Saibai Island Canoe - a great interactive hunting game from the National Museum of Australia. An excellent resource for teaching about Torres Straight Islander culture.

  • Religion Facts - a great resource for studying the world's religions.

  • Music Timeline - see which styles of music were popular from 1950 to the present.



  • Duolingo - the website companion to the incredibly successful app. Duolingo has 27 different language courses to learn from. I personally prefer learning German on a Chromebook/PC/Laptop because it is easier answering the questions on a keyboard.

  • Ba Ba Dum - 1500 words, 11 languages and 5 games. An excellent site for learning a new language!

  • LingYourLanguage - how many languages can you distinguish between?

  • Nihongo Ninja - struggling with learning the Hiragana and Katakana? Then pop over to Nihongo Ninja to develop mastery with both of these Japanese Character 'alphabets'.


Interactive Websites

  • - one of the best (and free) typing websites avialable. Students are able to set up free accounts which can be linked up with a teacher's account.

  • Typing Speed Test - test yourself and your students


Computer Programming

  • Code Hunt - a free computer programming website that uses Java and C+.

  • Scratch - a free computer programming website.

Media & Video Creation


Body Transformations

Drugs & Addiction

  • Australian Drug Foundation - a must use resource for learning about drugs. Their factsheets make for excellent reading.

  • - an excellent US-based website which contains a wealth of information about drug addition. Also contains resources and tools for families to overcome addiction.

  • RecallReport - US based website. Contains information about: dangerous drugs & products, recalls & alerts, side effects of drugs and health information on various population demographics (women/teens/seniors etc).

  • Reformed addict opens up on his life on ice - an important article worth showing your students.

  • My Name is 'Meth' - all upper primary school students should hear this poem about meth addiction.

  • The Horrors of Methamphetamines - a devastatingly effective resource for showing students how horrible meth addiction is (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT).


  • - weight training, exercise instruction & kinesiology. A great resource for any student or teacher who wants to learn the various names of muscles and associated exercises.

  • The PE Geek - blogs, workshops, resources etc. You name it this website has it. A must view for any serious PE teacher.

Physical Education Activities

  • BluEarth - inclusive physical education activities.



For Use in the Classroom

  • Chrome Music Lab - a website that makes learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments.

  • Online Stopwatch - keep your class working to a time limit.

  • Print Free Graph Paper - never run out of graph paper again.

  • Printable Paper - print 1,303 types of paper templates for free!

  • Wordle - create beautiful 'word clouds' with your own text or text from another source.

  • Get Smart - the LARGEST collection of interactive educational games for Maths. The sheer number of interactive activities here is just staggering.

  • GoNoodle - just finished a lesson and your students have some extra energy? Then hop onto GoNoodle and get them to move along to one of their songs.

  • Kahoots - create quizzes on-line and get students to respond via a mobile device or computer. Students are able to create their own quizzes as well. Similar to 'Plickers'.

  • Phillip Martin Clip Art - Phillip Martin has an extensive collection of clip art across a larger range of topics than you could possibly imagine. They are free to use for NON-COMMERICAL USES.

Professional Development

  • AITSL - The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership.

  • I'm a New Teacher - new to teaching? Then checkout this website to help with accreditation!

  • Cyber Smart - a free self paced online training program that offers teachers the knowledge, confidence and resources to help students to stay safe online.

  • Level 3 Classroom Teacher Portfolio - Alleluia! A teacher that ACTUALLY shares their portfolio with other teachers. A must read for any level three aspirants. A special thanks to Jason D'Argent for sharing his portfolio!

Websites for Purchasing Resources