Today it seems there is an app for almost anything. Finding out which apps are worth purchasing and which apps are worth overlooking can be difficult. This is where our recommendations come in handy. By following our recommendations you'll experience less buyer's remorse. All of these apps come highly recommended by our educator Matthew.

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New iPad apps added on the 13th March 2019.

English Apps

Reading Apps

  • Fitzroy Readers Series (1-10) | Phonetic approach to reading. The app can sound out words and can read pages. Teaches basic vowel sounds a,e,i,o,u and some special words like I, have, to, go, for etc.

  • Fitzroy Readers Series (1x-10x) | Phonetic approach to reading. The app can sound out words and can read pages. Extension work that builds on from the sounds established in readers 1-10.

  • Fitzroy Readers Series (11-20) | Phonetic approach to reading. The app can sound out words and can read pages. Teaches new digraphs (sh and er) and introduces three letter digraphs.

  • Fitzroy Readers Series (21-30) | Phonetic approach to reading. The app can sound out words and can read pages. Introduces newer digraphs such as ch.

  • Fitzroy Readers Series (41-40) | Phonetic approach to reading. The app can sound out words and can read pages. Introduces long vowels a_e (cake, bake, rake).

Grammar & Punctuation Apps

  • Parts of Speech in English Grammar- this app gives you all of easyLearn's grammar apps. Purchase this one instead of the individual apps.

  • Punctuation - finally an app that does punctuation well. This app has some great quizzes to really test your punctuation skills.

Writing Apps

  • Visual Poetry - type your poems into this app and select one of the background templates. This app then 'moulds' your words to fit around a shape such as a snowflake, star or flower.

Rhyming Apps

  • iSort Words - a brilliant app for learning about rhyming words. Highly recommended for early primary school students.

  • B-Rhymes Dictionary Pro - stuck with rhyming words? Then use this great app to come up with additional rhyming words in no time.

Reference Materials

  • School A-Z - a great reference list for teachers & parents. Contains an extensive list of information about English and Maths. It also has a couple of cool English and Maths games as well.

  • - one of the best dictionary apps available on the app store.

Mind Mapping Apps

  • MindNode - one of our favourite mind mapping programs. No monthly fee or annual fee unlike some OTHER mind mapping apps.

Five Minute Fillers

  • Scrabble HD - a great app for a quick 'five minute filler' in your classroom.

  • Riddle Me That - another great app for a quick 'five minute filler'.

Early Childhood Education Apps


  • Endless Wordplay - a set up in difficulty from Endless Reader. Great for pre-primary students.

  • Endless Reader - one of the best reading apps for young children. This app teaches important sight words in an entertaining and creative manner. Highly recommended!

  • Endless Alphabet - another app from the team that brought you Endless Reader. This app in their series focuses on vocabulary building.

Letter Formation Apps

  • Letter School - one of the best letter formation apps. This app will definitely hold your students interest!

  • Intro to Letters - a good letter formation app for kindergarten and pre-primary students.

  • iWrite Words - another decent letter formation app for kindergarten and pre-primary students.

Early Mathematical Skills

  • Quick Maths Junior - a great app for years K-1. This app helps teach the early maths concepts of: counting, skip counting, subitising, ordering numbers, addition & subtraction.

  • Endless 123 - Endless 123 uses the same winning formula as Endless Reader & Endless Alphabet. This app helps reinforce: number order, counting, addition along with other concepts.


For Learning Foreign Languages

For Translating Foreign Languages

  • Google Translate - instantly translate another language from a smart phone camera, text or your voice.


Periodic Table Apps

  • The Elements by Touch Press - one of the best visual representations of the periodic table! Contains many examples of real life applications for each element. Very informative and beautifully presented.

  • K12 Periodic Table (k12 Inc.) - a quick reference guide for the periodic table. Very useful for when you need to find the atomic number or atomic mass of an element.

Chemistry Reference Apps

  • Molecules by Touch Press - learn all about the different combinations of atoms that are possible. App beautifully displays 3D representations of various molecules.

  • Molecules - see 3D visual representations of molecules. An excellent resource for studying the atomic compositions of molecules.

  • Wolfram Alpha - the best reference guide for high school science students. This app also contains information about history, economics, physics, music, engineering and many other topics.

Chemistry Apps for Studying

  • Elements Quiz (Tap to Learn) - test your knowledge of the periodic table. Great for year seven and year eight students who need to learn the symbols of the periodic table.


humanities & social sciences APPS


Political & Legal 

Atlas Apps

The Earth, the Environment & Sustainability Issues

Geology Apps

Apps for Flags, Continents, Capital Cities, Currencies & General Knowledge


Solar System Apps

  • Solar System (Touch Press) - a beautifully designed app that explores our solar system. A lot of work has gone into this outstanding app.

  • Solar Walk (Vito Technology) - brilliant for viewing the orbits and rotations of planets. You can explore all of our solar system's planets, their moons along with other things.

  • Moon Phase - learn the phases of the moon with this excellent app. One of the better apps that teaches about the phases of the moon.

Stars & Deep Space Concepts 

  • Star Walk 2 - an updated version of Star Walk. Absolutely gorgeous graphics. You can use your iPad as guide to the constellations. The best tour guide to the heavens that money can buy.

  • Hubble Top 100 (European Space Agency) - explore some of the best space photos ever taken. A truly amazing app.


Mathematical Operations Apps

  • PhotoMath - use your iPhone to work out problems and equations!

  • MutliFlow - the best multiplication app available on the App Store! Multiflow contains lots of games which are highly customisable.

  • DivisionFlow - a great division app.

  • FlowPlus - a great addition/subtraction app.

  • Math Board - a highly configurable app for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

  • Quick Maths - a great app for the learning the four operations.

  • Division (Horizon Business) - an easy step by step demonstration of long division.

  • Multiplication (HorizonBusiness) - an easy step by step demonstration of the traditional multiplication algorithm.

Geometry and Measurement Apps

  • Shapes - easily the best geometry-based app available on the app store. Shapes beautifully displays 3D: prisms, pyramids and plutonic solids and is perfect for teaching about: vertices, edges, faces and different net combinations of objects.

  • Jungle Geometry - once again, one of the best measurement apps available on the app store. Jungle Geometry has games for: measuring the length of a ruler, measuring the degrees of an angle, quizzes on the different types of angles plus many other games/quizzes.

Calculator Apps

  • Calculator for iPad - the best calculator on the iPad. This app contains every function that you would normally expect to find in a scientific calculator.

  • My Script Calculator - write complex equations with your finger instead of typing. Working out the area of a circle has never been easier.

Money Apps

  • Jungle Coins - excellent for learning about comparisons of money and receiving change.

Early Childhood Maths Concepts

  • MathDoodles - a Maths app made with passion. MathsDoodles has lots of games which are highly customisable. Great for learning about partitioning.

Addictive Maths Games

  • 2048 - an addictive number based game about doubling. More fun based than educational.


Equivalent Fractions, Decimals & Percentages Apps

Fractional Number Lines Apps

MATHS APPS - Measurement & Geometry

Symmetry Apps

  • Symmetry Shuffle - one of the best symmetry apps on the App Store! Excellent for teaching about translations, flips and rotations of 2D objects.

Time Apps

  • Jungle Time - one of the best time apps on the market! More orientated towards younger children.

Shapes Apps

  • Shapes - the best app for demonstrating about 3D shapes such as: pyramids, prisms and other objects. This app helps show: the different net combinations, faces, edges and vertices of each 3D shape.

  • LetsTan Tangrams - 100's of tangram puzzles.


Human Biology & Biology Apps

  • iCell - explore 3D models of animal, fungi and plant cells. Excellent for students studying Biology.

  • My Incredible Body - shows excellent 3D animations of the human body. One of the best apps for teaching about the human body.

Physical Sciences Apps


Reference Materials

  • Art Authority - an outstanding reference guide to all of the major styles of art.

Paper Based Apps


Teaching Profession Based Apps

  • AITSL - The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership. Great for assisting in creating your teaching portfolio.

  • The Australian Curriculum - Mobile Edition.

  • Tax Buddy - a brilliant app for all those tax deductions. Highly recommended!

Classroom Apps

  • ShowMe - turn your iPad into your own interactive whiteboard. App also allows you to record lessons.

  • Noise Down - Need your students to be quiet during silent reading? With Noise Down you can set a noise level threshold limit. If the noise threshold limit is broken then the alarm goes off. Great for assisting in creating a quiet classroom environment.