There are so many opinions about education these days. So which ones are worth reading? Well our educator Matthew has put together a few links to some articles that teachers, parents and students will find interesting. So enjoy reading.

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New content added on the 30th of August 2015.


News Article: Teacher shares ICT resources via website 

  • Make sure you read the very first news article about GEE's website. We received over 125 visitors in one day thanks to School News in New Zealand. A special thanks goes out to Christine de Felice for helping to publish this article. 

Blog: GEE: A fabulous online resource for educators 

  • Websites for schools published their initial blog about our website. A special thanks goes out to Adam Griffiths for reaching out to us on Twitter!


Article: Harken, Nennie: Teacher & Equal Pay Campaigner

  • Nennie recently passed away this year (2014) so this article needs a bit of updating. If you happen to be a woman from WA reading this section of our website then make sure your read this article about Nennie Harken. The reason why female teachers are paid the same as their male counterparts was because of the efforts of this woman and many others who fought for equal pay. It wasn't given to women out of the generosity of the government's heart, it was advocated for and fought for. 

News Article: Reinvention the key to teacher's success

  • Wow what a great read! I hope I'm as enthusiastic and energised about education as Ray McCall after 60 years of teaching. 60 YEARS! As an educator I take my hat off to her. 

Article: Why Teachers Matter by George Lucas

  • A nice short piece from George Lucas about his experiences in school. 

Blog: 5 Tips for Teaching the Tough Kids

  • Yes we all teach them. Some great tips and ideas for establishing a good working relationship with those rough diamonds. There will be many times in teaching where we have to be the parents and discipline children. What happens if we don't do this? Best not to think about that too much. Well by disciplining these difficult students we help them understand that there are consequences for their actions. Something their parents don't necessarily teach them.


News Article: Nine-hour tests and lots of pressure: welcome to the Chinese school system

  • A number of so called 'education reformers' talk about the need for Australian schools to adopt the Asian style of teaching and learning. Whilst there might be things we can learn from Asian schools, one thing that is not worth learning from is their gruelling testing regime. Its like the 'Hunger Games' of education! Oh one more thing. Those PISA scores that 'education reformers' crow on about . . . well Tom Loveless (Education Expert, Harvard University) said "There is a lack of transparency surrounding PISA's relationship with China. 


News Article: Vic parents may get power to fire principals

  • Imagine if this power existed in a difficult hard to staff school that needed reform. If this power existed, the school's principal would be fired before he/she could make significant changes to the school's culture. 

News Article: School kindergarten play cancelled in order to get SIX-YEAR-OLDS prepared for college

  • You couldn't find a more depressing news article about early childhood education. Across the education sector (US, UK & Aus) play based learning is under assault from the so called 'education reformers'. Imagine the learning environment in this school. Whatever happened to developing the child? 

News Article: Plan to arm teachers 'dangerous irresponsible'

  • Imagine having to confront this sort of issue in education throughout your career. Imagine doing your normal pre-work routine but with a twist. Classroom keys CHECK, whistle CHECK, hat CHECK, 9mm semi automatic Glock CHECK. 

Blog: 8 Myths That Undermine Educational Effectiveness by Mark Phillips

  • I agree with most of the opinions in this blog. I disagree with the author's opinion on myth #2: homework boosts achievement. It entirely depends on how homework is used in my opinion.


Blog: 'Starting Over Again' (NEW) by Pernille Ripp

  • As teachers, chances are we will work in a variety of schools with different working environments. Each school is different and has its own routines and ways of doing things. Pernille Ripp lists a set of things a new/experienced teacher can do at a new school to help with the transition into a new school environment. 
Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 7.29.34 pm.png


Blog: We Need Teachers, Not Facilitators!

  • I couldn't agree more. I cannot stand the word facilitator. Good teaching is good teaching. You NEVER hear 'good facilitating today Matt, you really facilitated the class well!' If you are using the f-word ... just stop! You sound like an academic not a teacher. 

Blog: Educators Consider Killing the Lecture

  • A very interesting blog by Holly Korbey. I remember some fantastic lectures and some incredibly boring ones. As teachers we actively reflect on our teaching pedagogy. Shouldn't academics do the same?

Blog: What to do with unwanted feedback by Naphtali Hoff (NEW)

  • As educators it's vitally important that we are proactive towards feedback, even when it's unwanted. We are professionals after all and we have to be the bigger person during these inevitable situations in our careers. When I read this article I found that it would make great reading for those in an educational leadership position (principals, deputy principals, head of learning areas etc). Even teachers can learn from this blog, particularly during performance management. 

Blog: You think you know what teacher do. Right? Wrong!

  • Valerie Strauss writes about how she found teaching challenging. Long story short, she ended up quitting the profession and becoming a lawyer instead. The most interesting point of the article was her comparison of teachers and lawyers during the first few years of their profession. Teaching is one of the few professions where all of the responsibility of the job is thrust upon you from day one. 


News Article: To My 13-Year-Old, An iPhone Contract From Your Mom, With Love 

  • Raising children in the 21st century is very different compared with previous generations. With new technology comes new parenting challenges. This mother found a great way to adapt to technology as opposed to avoiding or banning it. 

News Article: Her Alleged Rape Went Viral, But This Defiant 16-Year Old is Taking Control of the Situation. (NEW)

  • Don't mess with Jada! After this nightmare social media situation unfolded Jada decided not to be a victim and she confronted the perpetrators through social media. She turned this horrible event around and proved to the world just how strong she really is. If I could, I would make this news article MANDATORY reading for any tween or teenage girl. 


Blog: 5 BS Excuses Parents Make for Mean Girls

  • Whitney Fleming addresses the weak excuses that parents come up with to justify their daughter/s horrible behaviour towards other girls. 

Article: Tragedy of 'golden' daughter's fall resonates with Asian immigrant children

  • What does it take for someone's daughter to murder their own parents? How much pressure is too much pressure when pushing your children towards academic success?