Pinterest is a fantastic resource for teachers looking to try out new ideas in the classroom. Pinterest is social networking website where 'pinners' share pictures on boards they have created. Our educator Matthew has found Pinterest to be a constant source of inspiration in the classroom. Make sure you sign up today and pin away. 

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New 'pinners' added on the 3rd of July 2014. 

Griffin Education Enterprises' Pinterest Account

Here is our account. Matthew personally selected all of the pictures that are included in here. He's found these pictures to be fantastic resources to assist with your teaching. Make sure you check them out at. 

Created by MrHughes

Wow, this pinner is something special. I've spent countless hour on his board and I haven't even begun to scratch the surface. There has been some serious YEARS invested into the boards that Mr Hughes has created. Well worth checking out and following!

3 best boards: writing prompts, writing/language arts ideas & the creative classroom.

Most usual for: primary school teacher (upper/middle/lower) and subject area teaching ideas.

Relief Teaching Ideas

Not just for relief teachers. There have been a number of pins that our educator (Matthew) has used in the classroom. A great account that covers a wide range of subjects. 

3 best boards: maths, ! teaching ideas! & art, craft &colouring!

Most useful for: primary school teachers (upper/middle/ECE)

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 9.59.43 pm.png

Confessions of a Teaching Junkie

A US based Pinterest account. Despite the focus on US educational resources there are some high quality boards to be found here. Look past all the common core stuff and focus on the more generalist boards. Here you will find some great resources. 

3 best boards: math ideas, science Ideas & art ideas.

Most usual for: primary school teachers (upper/middle). 

Teachers on Pinterest

The official Pinterest, Pinterest account for teachers. Some really great boards are just waiting to be discovered here. There is a nice spread of subject areas for primary school and secondary school teachers. Whats more, this account is not 'flooded' with heaps and heaps of boards.

3 best boards: technology in the classroom, science & math.

Most usual for: primary school teachers (upper/middle/ECE) & secondary school teachers (english/science) 

TES Teaching Resources

TES is one of the largest companies when it comes to the provision of education resources. Its no surprise that they would have a Pinterest account. As usual, there are some brilliant educational boards here worth the hours of viewing. Make sure you follow them. 

3 best boards: primary teaching resources, science & iPhone camera microscope!

Most usual for: primary school teachers (upper/middle/ECE), subject area resources & special needs teachers.